Compare “Fail Fast” vs “Robust” approaches of building software

Technology CommunityCategory: Software ArchitectureCompare “Fail Fast” vs “Robust” approaches of building software
VietMX Staff asked 3 months ago

Some people recommend making your software robust by working around problems automatically. This results in the software “failing slowly.” The program continues working right after an error but fails in strange ways later on.

A system that fails fast does exactly the opposite: when a problem occurs, it fails immediately and visibly. Failing fast is a nonintuitive technique: “failing immediately and visibly” sounds like it would make your software more fragile, but it actually makes it more robust. Bugs are easier to find and fix, so fewer go into production.

In overall, the quicker and easier the failure is, the faster it will be fixed. And the fix will be simpler and also more visible. Fail Fast is a much better approach for maintainability.