Tree Data Structure

2021 VietMX 0

In this tutorial, you will learn about tree data structure. Also, you will learn about different types of trees and the terminologies used in tree. […]

JavaScript DOM tree

2021 VietMX 0

The backbone of an HTML document is tags. According to the Document Object Model (DOM), every HTML tag is an object. Nested tags are “children” […]

Adam and Tree

2020 VietMX 1

When Adam gets a rooted tree (connected non-directed graph without cycles), he immediately starts coloring it. More formally, he assigns a color to each edge […]

Random Function and Tree

2020 VietMX 0

You have a rooted tree consisting of n vertices. Let’s number them with integers from 1 to n inclusive. The root of the tree is the vertex 1. For each i > 1 direct parent of […]

New Year Tree

2020 VietMX 0

The New Year holidays are over, but Resha doesn’t want to throw away the New Year tree. He invited his best friends Kerim and Gural […]

Tree and XOR

2020 VietMX 0

You are given a connected undirected graph without cycles (that is, a tree) of $n$ vertices, moreover, there is a non-negative integer written on every […]