Explain Finalize vs Dispose usage?

Technology CommunityCategory: .NET CoreExplain Finalize vs Dispose usage?
VietMX Staff asked 3 years ago
  • The finalizer method is called when your object is garbage collected and you have no guarantee when this will happen (you can force it, but it will hurt performance).
  • The Dispose method, on the other hand, is meant to be called by the code that created your class so that you can clean up and release any resources you have acquired (unmanaged data, database connections, file handles, etc) the moment the code is done with your object.

The standard practice is to implement IDisposable and Dispose so that you can use your object in a using statement such as using(var foo = new MyObject()) { }. And in your finalizer, you call Dispose, just in case the calling code forgot to dispose of you.