Name some differences between SystemJS vs WebPack?

Technology CommunityCategory: AngularName some differences between SystemJS vs WebPack?
VietMX Staff asked 2 years ago


  • SystemJS is known to be quirky with dependencies that it uses for its own polyfill
  • Importing libraries/modules from npm is not as simple as it is using WebPack
  • As you add dependencies and the code starts to grow, a fatal flaw of JSPM( systemjs) is revealed. It becomes extremely sluggish. A single refresh can take about 15-20 seconds as the browser will load 100s of different JavaScript files
  • Gulp is still required for:
    • Minification
    • Envification (envify)
  • Generating unique hashname for bundle file


  • Changes are now shown in milliseconds; Webpack’s dev server is designed for speed. Not only does it support incremental builds, it serves directly from memory
  • You can easily import libraries from npm (e.g. Bootstrap or Foundation) without worrying about their exact path within node_modules
  • No need of gulp. Webpack itself takes care of doing all the tasks that require Gulp in SystemJS
  • It appears that Webpack was designed from the ground-up for large applications and it shows in the development process