What are some advantages of using Merke Trees?

Technology CommunityCategory: BlockchainWhat are some advantages of using Merke Trees?
VietMX Staff asked 5 months ago

Using a Merkle tree can significantly reduce the amount of data that a trusted authority has to maintain for verification purposes. It separates the validation of the data from the data itself.

Merkle trees have three major benefits:

  1. They provide a means to prove the integrity and validity of data
  2. They require little memory or disk space as the proofs are computationally easy and fast
  3. Their proofs and management only require tiny amounts of information to be transmitted across networks

The ability to prove that a log is complete and consistent is essential to blockchain technology and the general ledger concept. Merkle trees help verify that later versions of a log include everything from an earlier version and that all data is recorded and presented in chronological order.