What are the advantages of NoSQL over traditional RDBMS?

Technology CommunityCategory: DatabasesWhat are the advantages of NoSQL over traditional RDBMS?
VietMX Staff asked 1 year ago

NoSQL is better than RDBMS because of the following reasons/properities of NoSQL:

  • It supports semi-structured data and volatile data
  • It does not have schema
  • Read/Write throughput is very high
  • Horizontal scalability can be achieved easily
  • Will support Bigdata in volumes of Terra Bytes & Peta Bytes
  • Provides good support for Analytic tools on top of Bigdata
  • Can be hosted in cheaper hardware machines
  • In-memory caching option is available to increase the performance of queries
  • Faster development life cycles for developers

Still, RDBMS is better than NoSQL for the following reasons/properties of RDBMS:

  • Transactions with ACID properties – Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation & Durability
  • Adherence to Strong Schema of data being written/read
  • Real time query management ( in case of data size < 10 Tera bytes )
  • Execution of complex queries involving join & group by clauses