What features do Progressive Web Apps have that native apps lacks?

Technology CommunityCategory: PWAWhat features do Progressive Web Apps have that native apps lacks?
VietMX Staff asked 5 months ago

There are some:

  • discoverability – content in progressive web apps can easily be found by search engines but a content-centric native app like StackOverflow won’t show among app store search results for content that it does offer access to, such as “pwa vs. native”. This is a problem for communities like Reddit, which can’t expose their numerous sub-communities to the app store as individual “apps”.
  • linkability – any page/screen can have a direct link, which can be shared easily
  • bookmarkability – save that link to access an app’s view directly
  • always fresh – no need to go through the app stores to push updates
  • universal access – not subject by app stores sometimes arbitrary policies or (unintended) geographic restrictions
  • large data savings, extremely important in emerging markets with expensive and/or slow Internet access. For example, e-commerce website Konga cut data usage by 92% for the first load by migrating to a PWA.
  • low friction of distribution – if your progressive web app is online, it’s already accessible for Android (and other mobile) users.
    • 65.5% of US smartphone users don’t download any new apps each month
    • PWAs eliminate the need to go to the app store, search for the app, click Install, wait for the download, then open the app. Each of these steps loses 20% of the potential users.