What Is Shared Nothing Architecture? How Does It Scale?

Technology CommunityCategory: Software ArchitectureWhat Is Shared Nothing Architecture? How Does It Scale?
VietMX Staff asked 3 months ago

A shared nothing architecture (SN) is a distributed computing approach in which each node is independent and self-sufficient, and there is no single point of contention required across the system.

  • This means no resources are shared between nodes (No shared memory, No shared file storage)
  • The nodes are able to work independently without depending on each other for any work.
  • Failure on one node affects only the users of that node, however other nodes continue to work without any disruption.

This approach is highly scalable since it avoid the existence of single bottleneck in the system. Shared nothing is recently become popular for web development due to its linear scalability. Google has been using it for long time.

In theory, A shared nothing system can scale almost infinitely simply by adding nodes in the form of inexpensive machines.