What is the difference between Cohesion and Coupling?

Technology CommunityCategory: Software ArchitectureWhat is the difference between Cohesion and Coupling?
VietMX Staff asked 3 months ago

Cohesion refers to what the class (or module) can do. Low cohesion would mean that the class does a great variety of actions – it is broad, unfocused on what it should do. High cohesion means that the class is focused on what it should be doing, i.e. only methods relating to the intention of the class.

As for coupling, it refers to how related or dependent two classes/modules are toward each other. For low coupled classes, changing something major in one class should not affect the other. High coupling would make it difficult to change and maintain your code; since classes are closely knit together, making a change could require an entire system revamp.

Good software design has high cohesion and low coupling.