Python for Programmers with introductory AI case studies – Paul Deitel & Harvey Deitel

Welcome to Python for Programmers! In this book, you’ll learn hands-on with today’s most compelling, leading-edge computing technologies, and you’ll program in Python—one of the world’s most popular languages and the fastest growing among them.

Developers often quickly discover that they like Python. They appreciate its expressive power, readability, conciseness and interactivity. They like the world of open-source soft- ware development that’s generating a rapidly growing base of reusable software for an enormous range of application areas.

For many decades, some powerful trends have been in place. Computer hardware has rapidly been getting faster, cheaper and smaller. Internet bandwidth has rapidly been get- ting larger and cheaper. And quality computer software has become ever more abundant and essentially free or nearly free through the “open source” movement. Soon, the “Inter- net of Things” will connect tens of billions of devices of every imaginable type. These will generate enormous volumes of data at rapidly increasing speeds and quantities.

In computing today, the latest innovations are “all about the data”—data science, data analytics, big data, relational databases (SQL), and NoSQL and NewSQL databases, each of which we address along with an innovative treatment of Python programming.