Learn Keras for Deep Neural Networks – Jojo Moolayil

This book is intended to gear the readers with a superfast crash course on
deep learning. Readers are expected to have basic programming skills in
any modern-day language; Python experience would be great, but is not
necessary. Given the limitations on the size and depth of the subject we can
cover, this short guide is intended to equip you as a beginner with sound
understanding of the topic, including tangible practical experience in model
development that will help develop a foundation in the deep learning domain.

This guide is not recommended if you are already above the beginner
level and are keen to explore advanced topics in deep learning like
computer vision, speech recognition, and so on. The topics of CNN, RNN,
and modern unsupervised learning algorithms are beyond the scope
of this guide. We provide only a brief introduction to these to keep the
readers aware contextually about more advanced topics and also provide
recommended sources to explore these topics in more detail.

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