Artificial Intelligence by example – Denis Rothman

This book will take you through all of the main aspects of artificial intelligence:

  • The theory of machine learning and deep learning
  • Mathematical representations of the main AI algorithms
  • Real life case studies
  • Tens of opensource Python programs using TensorFlow, TensorBoard, Keras and more
  • Cloud AI Platforms: Google, Amazon Web Services, IBM Watson and IBM Q to introduce you to quantum computing
  • An Ubuntu VM containing all the opensource programs that you can run in one-click
  • Online videos

This book will take you to the cutting edge and beyond with innovations that show how to improve existing solutions to make you a key asset as a consultant, developer, professor or any person involved in artificial intelligence.

Who this book is for

  • This book contains the main artificial intelligence algorithms on the market today. Each machine learning and deep learning solution is illustrated by a case study and an open source program available on GitHub.
  • Project managers and consultants: To understand how to manage AI input datasets, make a solution choice (cloud platform or development), and use the outputs of an AI system.
  • Teachers, students, and developers: This book provides an overview of many key AI components, with tens of Python sample programs that run on Windows and Linux. A VM is available as well.
  • Anybody who wants to understand how AI systems are built and what they are used for.