Building Chatbots with Python Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning – Sumit Raj

This book has been written with immense care to keep the teachings from this book very pragmatic and results-oriented. Building chatbots is not just about completing a tutorial or following a few steps—it’s a skill in itself. This book will certainly not bore you with lots of text and process to be read; rather, it takes the learning-by-doing approach. You must have used at least one chatbot to do something in your life by now. Whether you are a programmer or not, once you go through this book you will find the building blocks of chatbots, and all the mysteries will be uncovered. Building chatbots may seem difficult from the outside, but this book makes it so easy for you. Our brain is not designed to directly process the complex concepts; rather, we learn step-by-step. When you are reading this book, from the first chapter through the last chapter, you will find how clearly things are progressing. Although you can directly go to any chapter, I highly
recommend you start from the first chapter, as it is bound to bolster your thoughts. This book is like a web series where you won’t be able to resist the next chapter after completing one. Any chatbot that you interact with after going through this book will create a picture in your mind on how that chatbot is designed and built internally.