Maximum flow – MPM algorithm

2021 VietMX 0

MPM (Malhotra, Pramodh-Kumar and Maheshwari) algorithm solves the maximum flow problem in $O(V^3)$. This algorithm is similar to Dinic’s algorithm. 1. Algorithm Like Dinic’s algorithm, MPM […]

Lowest Common Ancestor

2021 VietMX 1

1. Lowest Common Ancestor – $O(\sqrt{N})$ and $O(\log N)$ with $O(N)$ preprocessing Given a tree $G$. Given queries of the form $(v_1, v_2)$, for each […]

Prüfer code

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In this article we will look at the so-called Prüfer code (or Prüfer sequence), which is a way of encoding a labeled tree into a sequence of […]