Natural Language Processing in action – Hobson Lane & Cole Howard & Hannes Max Hapke

Natural Language Processing in Action is a practical guide to processing and generating natural language text in the real world. In this book we provide you with all the tools and techniques you need to build the backend NLP systems to support a virtual assistant (chatbot), spam filter, forum moderator, sentiment analyzer, knowledge base builder, natural language text miner, or nearly any other NLP application you can imagine.
Natural Language Processing in Action is aimed at intermediate to advanced Python developers. Readers already capable of designing and building complex systems will also find most of this book useful, since it provides numerous best-practice examples and insight into the capabilities of state-of-the art NLP algorithms. While knowledge of object-oriented Python development may help you build better systems, it’s not required to use what you learn in this book. For special topics, we provide sufficient background material and cite resources (both text and online) for those who want to gain an in-depth understanding.

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