Artificial Intelligence – 101 things you must know today about our future – Lasse Rouhiainen

Did you know that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our world faster than we can imagine? Try to envision all the mind-boggling benefits of a world where AI can help us to enjoy almost every area of our lives. This world will be a reality in the very near future, but along with the benefits will come new challenges as well. AI will impact every area of our lives, in some ways that we can’t even predict, whether we like it or not. Would you like to know more about this fascinating technology? In this non-technical guidebook, you will discover the many ways in which AI is already changing our world, and how you can adjust to these changes. You will also learn practical methods you can use to apply AI in your own personal and professional life. Artificial intelligence will help us to do almost everything better, faster and cheaper, but it will also bring about some considerable challenges that we need to start preparing for now. One common misconception is that only big technology companies can work with and benefit from AI. In this book you will discover several creative ways in which you can do the same.